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Biomedical Engineer By Choice

I am Pursuing a Doctoral Degree right now, I am a toastmaster and I love to talk. I like travelling, making friends and most importantly eating different cuisines of food.
Career wise, I am a Biomedical Engineer, trying to do some justice to poor healthcare condition of the country. I also develop websites and have a seed to be an entrepreneur


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  • Intracranial Pressure Monitoring System
    September 2011- June 2012

    Packed ICP System ICP System in Action Front View of ICP Systme
    Intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring system is a tool to diagnose any changes in the intracranial pressure inside the brain. Human Brain can be divided into three parts namely “Brain tissue”, “Cerebrospinal fluid” and Cerebral blood flow, enclosed in a space called “Cranium”. Intracranial pressure can be related to the cerebrospinal fluid part of the brain. In simple terms, it can be said that “Brain tissue floats in the cerebrospinal fluid around it, and any change in the fluids pressure also exerts pressure on the brain tissue”.

  • CUDA Based Cone Beam CT Reconstruction Software
    May 2013- August 2013

    This Project was a clinical attachment project at CMC Vellore. In this Project Dhivya Sabapathy, M.Tech in Clinical Engineering student helped me too.
    The project involved development of a Graphical Processing Unit Based Cone Beam CT reconstruction Algorithm which takes less than 2.5 minutes for reconstruction of the image. This work was done in Open source Programming Language by NVIDIA called as CUDA Development of Graphical User Interface in QT for the application.

  • Wordpress based User Friendly Patient Management System
    May 2013- August 2013

    Wordpress QT
    This Project was a clinical attachment project at CMC Vellore. Project was lead by Dhivya Sabapathy, M.Tech Clinical Engineering Student, I helped her in some technical Aspects related to wordpress
    Development of User Friendly Patient Management and Demographic Patient estimation. Data Entry plus remote access with upgradability, security and Continuous support

  • Real time Remote Patient Monitoring System

    This Project was my B.Tech Final year Project. This Project we did in a team of two. My partner in this project was Atibha Behl. She is right now Senior Electrical Engineer in Philips Electronics, Pune. This Project was fully funded by Manav Rachna International University

    Developed a low cost, integrated telemedicine system for the remote monitoring of multiple parameters like ECG, EMG, EEG, BP in real-time with the help of DTMF & embedded technology

  • Mini Projects in B.Tech

  • Temperature measurement system

    June 2008- July 2008 Project done at Center for Biomedical Engineering, New Delhi during
    Developed and implemented an integrated system for the continuous monitoring of temperature in a reaction using LM335, ADC & 8051
  • Multi-Channel Acquisition & Monitoring system

    June 2009- July 2009 Project done at TICO Embedded Technology, Delhi
    Designed and programmed an embedded system based on 8051 to reduce the cost of multi-parameter healthcare monitor with the help of data acquisition from 8 channels (sensors) and displaying outputs on monitors in operation theatres, hence making it easier to work with
  • Wireless ECG using three leads

    May 2008 Project done at Scientech Technologies , Indore

    Comprehensively reviewed the existing ECG systems; designed a low cost circuit for signal conditioning; programmed a microcontroller & transmitted the data using wireless RF transmission to a remote location

Work Experience

  • Founder & Editor of Biomedikal.in
    January 2009-till date

    Envisioned and idolized the first of its kind a Biomedical Engineering resource website which provides students with study materials, job notifications, and latest research updates, industrial training notifications, final year minor & major projects guidance, career counseling with regard to a future in Biomedical Engineering in India & overseas

  • Founder of Education and Healthcare foundation of India
    June 2013- till date

    Education and Healthcare foundation of India is a Non-profit organization for the development of education and healthcare facilities in the country. It was cofounded with my Master's classmate Sundar Raj M, who is right now pursuing his Ph.D from Bharath University. Education and Healthcare are the most essential part of any economy. Our Organization EHFI i.e Educational and Healthcare Foundation of India focuses on developing these essentials ingredients.

  • Toastmaster @ Toastmasters International
    October 2012- till date

    Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve their communication, public speaking and leadership skills.

  • Columnist- Color Doppler
    November 2011- till date

    Writing for the magazine “Color Doppler” as a columnist with the column titled as “EDUSCAN” and “TECHSCAN”, with the details related to Careers in Biomedical Engineering in India as well new research developments in Medical Imaging

  • Social Media Lunatic
    2008-till death

  • CD
    Quora - 1.5 lac credits, 930 Followers, Started doing Quora in April 2013
  • CD
    LinkedIN- 2600+ Connections
  • CD
    Facebook- 5000 Friends, 330 Followers
  • CD
    Twitter- 18000 tweets, 1038 Followers
  • Social Media Marketing Manager for DoctorsandMedicines.com
    Oct 2010-Dec 2010

    I worked for two months for this organization.Worked part-time as a social media-manager for the website Doctors and Medicines , did market research and optimization of their social media rank and thus streamlined their social influence

  • Research Publications
    Till Date

  • Published a research paper titled ‘Development of an intracranial pressure monitoring system” under Navakanta Bhat, K.N Bhat and G.K Ananthasuresh in National conference on smart structures and systems. September 2012
  • Published a research paper titled ’MEMS for monitoring & management of Alzheimer’s disease’ under Dr Bhaskar VIT-SET, International Conference on Science, Engineering & Technology. April 2011
  • Published a research paper titled ‘Photo-oxidation based treatment of tissue for Bio-prosthetic applications’ under Dr Bhaskar in VIT-SET, International Conference on Science, Engineering & Technology,and it was awarded the best paper. November 2010
  • Guest Lectures for Biomedical Students
    2011-Till Date

  • Delivered a technical talk related to “ Higher studies in Biomedical Engineering “ at GRIET, Hyderabad, September 2012
  • Delivered a technical talk related to “ How to find Biomedical Jobs in India” at Rajiv Gandhi institute of technology, Bangalore, Karnataka, April 2012
  • Delivered a Technical Talk related to “ Future trends in Biomedical Technology” at JBIET, Hyderabad, March 2012
  • Delivered a technical talk related to “ Future Prospects of Biomedical Engineering in India” at Adhiyaman College of Engineering, Hosur, Tamilnadu, February 2011

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Room no 149, Cauvery Hostel, IIT Madras- 600036
Center for Non Destructive Evaluation, Machine Design section, Mechanical Engineering Department, IIT Madras

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